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Ivanhoe, Victoria


Simon Griffiths


On Off Architecture



Located in Ivanhoe opposite Yarra River Parkland, this compact site was topographically challenging and the garden required clever spatial planning to integrate with the new contemporary residence, ensuring lush outlooks whilst being practical for the client’s growing family. A large area of the garden and pool was constructed above the existing lower level section of the house.

“Nestled in Melbourne’s Ivanhoe is a sleek garden providing the stage for a play called ‘modern family living’. The garden surrounds the home on a 600-square-metre steep block that looks across parklands to the Yarra River.”

- Inside Out Magazine, 2016

“Free-flowing connections between both indoors and out, and between garden areas, create a space that belies its size.”

- Inside Out Magazine, 2016

“The design cleverly positions the garden at the same level as the living area incorporating the single entrance and garage at street level, the blocks low point, beneath the deck above.”

- Inside Out Magazine, 2016

“This peaceful yard isn’t just a garden. It’s a livable extension of the home.” 

- Inside Out Magazine, 2016

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