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We create gardens

people want to live in.

Every Ben Scott Garden Design project is driven by our horticultural and design knowledge accumulated from 20 years industry experience. 


We design every element of your outdoor space – from planted areas to pools – to form a harmonious sanctuary. Our expertise in construction standards and planning facilitates a seamless and hassle-free experience from the early design concept phase.  

Gardens designed to

grow with you.

A Ben Scott garden is an ever-evolving space to gather, play, and relax.

By integrating various scales, functions, and aesthetics, our gardens are able to be enjoyed as practical spaces and lush outlooks.

The spaces we design are client and site specific. Each is crafted to make occupants feel inspired, comforted, and in tune with nature. 

Gardens of animated sensory experience.

Texture, light and shadow bring movement into the garden throughout the day, alongside plants that change with the seasons. 

Our designs are carefully considered to provide a sensory experience, leaving users feeling invigorated and with a clear mind. 

Natural materials, a rich and diverse palette of plants, and successful spatial planning are the fundamental principles of our projects. 

Gardens through a collaborative approach.

A well-designed outdoor space is tailored to the needs of its occupants. 


We believe in working closely with clients and architects to achieve a personalised outcome suited to their lifestyle and context. Our process considers how a space will be used, the level of maintenance desired, and how the garden will interact with the site.


By working together to achieve this mutual goal, we are able to craft a garden truly reflective of you. 

Our Process &


Ben Scott provides a full design service for projects of varying size, complexity and cost. Below is a breakdown of the service in stages. 



the Brief

  • Discuss project requirements.

  • Understand your needs.

  • Provide fee proposal.

  • Acceptance of fee proposal.



Drawing Package

  • Detailed construction drawing package undertaken.

  • Detailed schedules and design specifications.


Concept Design & Design Development

  • Concept Design Package.

  • Client feedback & Development

  • Town Planning Submission (if required)


Construction Tendering

& Project Supervision

  • Construction drawings sent to high quality contractors for pricing.

  • Evaluate tender submissions.

  • Site visits during construction to ensure a high quality garden is built.

  • Recommend maintenance contractor for nurturing of garden.

Meet the Team

Our deliberately small team ensures our director, Ben Scott is personally involved in every step of the design process. 

Ben Scott

Ben Scott


Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture)
Graduate Certificate (Landscape Architecture)

Ben Scott is a Garden Designer and Horticulturist with qualitifications in Applied Science and Landscape Architecture from the University of Melbourne. 


He founded Ben Scott Garden Design in 2009. The studio specialises in creating site-specific, cohesive outdoor spaces featuring a rich diversity of plants and natural materials.


With 20 years’ experience designing private, multi-residential and commercial gardens, Ben brings a thorough understanding of planning and construction standards to every project. A true plantsman, his horticultural background and impeccably honed design skills underpin the sophisticated and considered spaces he creates. 


Ben’s work regularly features in magazines, newspapers and books. His Flinders project has been featured in 3 books, including features on 2 covers. 

Garden Location Map

Ben Scott Garden Design services clients Australia wide.

The map below locates an overview of areas with our completed gardens.

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