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Hawthorn, Victoria


Simon Griffiths


Canny Architecture

Landscape Contractor

Inspired Landscapes



Located on almost half an acre in Hawthorn, the garden is well known due to the stunning steel arbour located in the front garden. Festooned in Boston Ivy, the arbour sits above the basement driveway ramp softening it beautifully. The front garden is formal in structure to compliment the symmetry of the late 1800’s Victorian residence, however include beautifully deep garden beds containing mixed layered perennial plantings surrounding the immaculately maintained turf. The rear garden plantings are more simplistic and pared back, working seamlessly with the contemporary architectural addition.

“A driveway draped in greenery is just one of the triumphs in this garden where traditional and modern plantings unite.”

- House & Garden Magazine, 2019

“He covered the driveway with a steel arbour festooned with Boston Ivy, cocooning visitors in greenery and casting dappled light on cobblestones below” 

- House & Garden Magazine, 2019

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