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Garden House


Malvern, Victoria


Taylor Knights Architecture


Derek Swalwell

Landscape Contractor

Greener Visions




Asset 4.png

A strong collaboration between architecture and landscape from the projects’ infancy has ensured a highly considered and seamless outcome for this project that was designed for a young family. Located in a leafy and hilly pocket of Malvern with strict heritage controls, the landscape and architecture was designed around the retention of three century old trees.


The garden is characterised by 5 values reflected in several elements:

‘Playfulness and Curiosity’ have been represented through the children’s garden and circulation of the garden; ‘Wellness’ expressed through the ability to connect with nature and grow produce; ‘Beauty’ through the verdant layered native and exotic plant palette which changes with the seasons; ‘Connection’ expressed through the retention and use of heritage materiality, century old trees that assumes a poetic value and working with the site’s existing topography; and ‘Sustainability’ via the thermal architectural benefits of a green roof and deciduous trees located around the north and western sides of the house.

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